About Velocraft

Velocraft is a team of passionate cyclists who have come together to bring bikes alive with paint. 

started by Steve Gardner in 2016 under the name 'Bikes By Steve' it has been growing steadily since and in September 2019 was rebranded to Velocraft.

After outgrowing a shared workspace in Fairfield Velocraft has now moved into a new factory in Boronia at the base of Melbourne's most iconic 1in20

In this new space Velocraft continues to push the limits of bike painting giving true meaning to the term 'Functional Art'.

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Did you know...

OZRIDERS Studio shares a space with Velocraft.

This makes both Velocraft and OZRIDERS Studio the largest custom bicycle space in Australia. #newbikeday is only a short step away with the ability for you to walk your bicycle in one colour and walk it out not long after a completely new colour! - Completely custom for YOU.